Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm joining Bloggiesta, Are You?

The Event description:

Fall is a busy time of year with school starting and with a number of other blogging events going on, including Book Blogger Appreciation Week (don’t miss this!), but we wanted to give everyone some time to focus on those small tasks that fall by the wayside during busy times. Bloggiesta is the perfect event to check off those to-do lists and also get inspiration going into the wintry months! It’s also a great opportunity to connect with other bloggers you may have not met before or haven’t talked to in awhile. We’d love to have anyone interested to join in the fun!

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I'm going to jump in on this one to work on my blog and cleaning up areas of the pages, add some reviews and overall just maintenance to this site I haven't done in like forever.  So please feel free to stop by and see how I'm doing.

My List:

  • Clean Up My Author and Publisher Page
  • Clean Up My Reviews for 2012 and previous years
  • See about getting a new button for the blog
  • Add some reviews that I'm missing
  • Work on promoting site for more traffic

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