Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Buried by: Linda Joy Singleton

Title: Buried
Author: Linda Joy Singleton
Publisher: Flux
Pages: 257
Format: ebook
Source: NetGalley
Series: Gothic Girl Mystery#1


A new, darker paranormal mystery series from award-winning author Linda Joy Singleton—featuring popular goth girl Thorn from The Seer series

Thorn Matthews is a Finder, a person with the psychic ability to find things just by touching an object. The visions she gets from objects—events and memories—are what guide her to the things that need to be found.

When Thorn locates a mysterious locket, it leads to a shocking and grim discovery. Now she’s implicated in a crime and surrounded by people she’s just met at her new school, any one of whom could be hiding a terrible secret. To clear her name, Thorn reluctantly uses her music skills to enter a school talent competition, which she suspects is part of the killer’s cover. Could one of her new friends be a murderer?

My Thoughts: 

 Thorn Matthews is very much a gothic girl with a few secrets from her new friends in Nevada.  Her family moved to Nevada so her mother could become a minister in a local church.  Thorn does her best to fit in with a group of friends at school Rune and Amerie.  Rune is as close to Thorn in the way they dress and things they talk about then twins could be.

When Thorn stumbles across a locket she finds herself wanting to find out more about it and who it belongs to.  The locket leads Thorn all over town from a baby grave to accusing a few classmates of having a baby.  She finds the truth out eventually.

Also going on is the Grin Reaper a local legend never spotted but always there to dish out justice to those who deserve it.  Thorn stumbles across the Grin Reaper and even identifies who it is, he strikes a deal with Thorn to keep her secret about finding the baby grave if she doesn't tell anyone who he is.  He also ends up taking her on a couple of missions of justice.

I enjoyed reading about Thorn, Rune Amerie and Thorn's family.  I found it refreshing to read about a girl not afraid to be who she wants to be regardless of what others think.  Ms. Singleton's ability to share Thorn with the world is so great.  Can't wait to see what is next for the Gothic Girl!

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