Friday, September 9, 2011

Liquid Smoke by: Jeff Shelby Review

Title: Liquid Smoke
Author: Jeff Shelby
Publisher: Tyrus Books
Source: FSB Media
Pages: 280

Private eye Noah Braddock has finally found peace in his once tumultuous relationship with Detective Liz Santangelo and has called a tentative truce with his alcoholic mother, Carolina.

So when lawyer Darcy Gill demands that he look into a hopeless death row case, he’s more interested in catching some waves before San Diego’s rare winter weather takes hold.  The Darcy plays her trump card: the man scheduled to die—convicted of killing two men in cold blood—is the father Noah never knew.

My Review:

This book was definitely addicting following Noah Braddock as he goes to meet a father he never knew and end up a pawn in a deadly game of bad guys doing very bad things.  Noah wants little to do with his father, but he’s been dragged in so deep because of Lawyer Darcy Gill he has no choice but continue through to the end.  And it left with a questionable ending of what happened next, and where did Noah go to?  What a thrilling ride of a book.  Definitely enjoyed it!

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