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Left Neglected by: Lisa Genova Review

Title: Left Neglected
Author: Lisa Genova
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Pages: 324


Sarah Nickerson, like any other working mom, is busy trying to have it all. One morning while racing to work and distracted by her cell phone, she looks away from the road for one second too long. In that blink of an eye, all the rapidly moving parts of her over-scheduled life come to a screeching halt. After a brain injury steals her awareness of everything on her left side, Sarah must retrain her mind to perceive the world as a whole. In so doing, she also learns how to pay attention to the people and parts of her life that matter most.

In this powerful and poignant New York Times bestseller, Lisa Genova explores what can happen when we are forced to change our perception of everything around us. Left Neglected is an unforgettable story about finding abundance in the most difficult of circumstances, learning to pay attention to the details, and nourishing what truly matters.

My Review:

This book was incredible, most books that are read and reviewed are mystery, paranormal and don't deal must with what could happen to someone.  In this book we follow the lives of Bob and Sarah Nickerson who are so busy working, commuting, raising their kids and rushing through the days, they miss out on the small things with their kids.  

Charlie their  son is dealing with school issues due to ADHD not being diagnosed. Sarah finds herself in a horrible car accident which has left her loosing touch with her left side also known as Left Neglected.  

Sarah's mother returns to her daughter to right wrongs that were done when Sarah was a child after a traumatic family accident.  She shows up  when Sarah needs her most, even when Sarah tries to show her away time and again.

A good part of this book was the realization from Sarah that she couldn't do everything anymore.  That she needed to trust and ask for help.  That through everyone in her family, they helped her in different ways.  Her husband was uber supportive of her issues and needing help, her mother gave her courage and reassurance that she was doing good.  

In the end the relationship between mother and daughter repaired, and a new course was laid out for Sarah, Bob and their family.  

I loved this story so much, I couldn't put it down.  It gripped me and held my attention and probably will long after I've posted my review.  To have an author grip you this way and make you look at your own life and wonder if we are moving to fast and missing the small things in life.  What a great story to read and definitely worth checking out.  I would recommend adding this to your bookcase if you haven't already.

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