Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just Say The Word by: Carla Salvo Review

Title: Just Say The Word
By: Carla Salvo
Pages: 406
Publisher: Piccolina Publishing
Source: Review

Rita Napapolus' fingerprints were all over the murder weapon, beckoning authorities onto her path and into her past. They immediately hit a wall when they find no record of the petite office manager's history before she appeared in Seattle with her daughter twenty years ago.
When a million dollar bail is mysteriously posted and a hot-shot defense lawyer arrives from San Francisco, her friends want answers. So does the FBI.
Where did Rita come from? Who is watching out for her? Could she really be the killer?

What a great story.  Rita Napapolus is a women full of great mystery, and the unknown.  How her past only dates about 10 years, prior to that she didn’t exist.  Her story is one of great tragedy.  Gina Blanco was a girl who had a loving family, and loyalty to her friends.  Watching those she loved suffer horrible fates.  She winds up accused of murder, and begins to prepare her defense, the only problem is no one else is right for the crime.  In the end what happens to Gina goes beyond anything anyone could imagine.  I couldn’t figure out if there would be a happy ending for her and was pleasantly surprised with the ending.

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