Monday, August 22, 2011

Melissa Foster Has New Article! Check it Out!

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Mommy guilt. Those words have become all too familiar for many of us working moms. I have a gaggle of children - six, to be exact - and although four of them have now graduated from high school and moved on from the needy stages, for many years, I juggled a career and six very busy children’s schedules.

Chameleons have nothing on working mothers. Moms easily morph from their mothering roles of chef, party planner, chauffeur, playmate, therapist, maid and teacher - all served up with smiles and tempered answers - to professional woman who can negotiate more effectively than Donald Trump, navigate the wrath of unhappy clients without shedding a tear, and then, just as easily, slip silently into the role of understanding, supportive mate. Oh, wait, that’s not real life, that’s how mothers are portrayed in books and movies. Real life brings headaches and fatigue, sweatpants and fingernails full of Playdoh.

There’s no doubt that moms are strong. We’re made of gusto and able to swallow our feelings in a single gulp. The question is, how strong do we have to be, and what can we do to make our lives feel a little more balanced?

I have found that maneuvering through motherhood while trying to achieve some sort of adult mental stimulation, has taken planning and strategizing. Life will always throw you more than you think you can handle; the trick is to figure out just what must be handled, and what can be set aside.

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