Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Huber Hill and the Dead Man's Chest by: B.K. Bostick Review

Title: Huber Hill and The Dead Man's Chest
Author: B.K. Bostick
Publisher: Bonneville Books
Pages: 256
Format: NetGalley Ebook
Website: Dead Man's Treasure Site

When his grandfather dies, Huber Hill is devastated---until he opens Grandpa Nick's mysterious box. An old gold coin and directions to a hidden Spanish treasure send him and his friends off on an mind-blowing adventure, but he's not the only one on the hunt. Filled with dangerous animals and cryptic puzzles, this book will have you on the edge of your seat until the last page.

My Review: 
This book was sent to my via NetGalley as part of a book tour.  The main characters are Huber Hill and his twin sister Hannah Hill, their friend Scott McCormick.  Hannah and Huber spend their Saturdays with their Grandpa Nick hearing stories about buried treasure.  Shortly into the book Hannah and Huber are devastated by the loss of their grandfather who has died.  He left a book to the kids which sparks them wanting to find the treasure little do they know that someone else is after the treasure and willing to get it at any cost.  This book reminded me of the Goonies and Pirates of the Caribbean.  Full of mystery, adventure, trying to figure out a treasure map, field guides written by their grandfather.  The three travel deep into the mountains in search of the treasure having to think smart and fight of bad guys. I really enjoyed this book and think other readers will especially teenagers.  What a great ride! 

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