Monday, January 10, 2011

Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard Book Review

Everyone has something to hide—especially high school juniors Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna.
Spencer covets her sister's boyfriend. Aria's fantasizing about her English teacher. Emily's crushing on the new girl at school. Hanna uses some ugly tricks to stay beautiful.
But they've all kept an even bigger secret since their friend Alison vanished.
How do I know? Because I know everything about the bad girls they were, the naughty girls they are, and all the dirty secrets they've kept. And guess what? I'm telling.

My Review: 

This book was great.  I really enjoyed the torment caused by A to the girls and it shows how deadly secrets can be.  I can most attach myself to Aria.  I'm far from the overachiever that Spencer Hastings is or the it girl that Hanna is.  I thought this book was great, as they got to find out what happened to Alison a year ago.  While it didn't tell you who did it, it did sink it's claws into you begging you for more.  Atleast that is what it did for me.  I was so hooked once I started it I couldn't stop.  And now I'm dying to figure out who killed Alison and who A really is.  My inital hooking off this began while I was in the hospital with nothing to do but watch tv and saw some of the marathon on ABC Family last Monday when I got home I picked up my copy of PLL and began reading, and didn't stop until it was over.  I rate this book a 5 cup book.  I found myself craving more of Rosewood and the girls.  On to Flawless.

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