Sunday, January 9, 2011

Awakened by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast Review

Awakened picks up where Burned ended.  Zoey has returned from the otherworld as has Stark, her Warrior/Guardian, along with them is Kalona, who finds his world turned upside down by Neferet.  Neferet has decided to make Kalona her slave so to speak.  Zoey and Stark are very much changed by the Otherwold experience.  And Stevie Rae is dealing with the Raven Mocker she saved.  While evil things are still a foot lines are drawn at the Tulsa House of Night.  How much can the house suffer.

My Review: 
This book was great in many ways and in some ways I feel Neferet's evil is being drawn out.  I have a feeling the Casts won't get rid of Neferet until the last book.  Which does have me still eager for the next story.  I'm hoping for some resolve and a break for the fledglings.  How much can they indure?  Zoey has already shown she needs a break.  I think what happened in the Otherworld was a precursor to how much the 'nerd herd' has suffered.  And for some reason I want to shout at the adult Vampyre's for not listening to the children.  They seem to have a big clue as to what is happening.  For once I was happy to see Zoey wasn't attached to so many men, just one.  It's nice for her to some what settle into a relationship instead of mass juggling.  I rate this a four cup book as I'm sick of Neferet and the fact she isn't getting dealt with and banished. 

If you read this book what did you think?
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