Sunday, December 5, 2010

One Insular Tahiti by: Thea Atkinson

I just got this book via the author on Goodreads 
Here's the book description:

 Luke MacIsaac is dead but not restfully dead. What he needs is to find a way out of the watery afterlife that swamps him with half remembered horrors of a past so vivid he could be reliving it. 

He can't let this happen. 
This is when he notices Astrid, a newborn fighting for her life. She isn’t supposed to survive her birth, but it occurs to Luke that if he wills her to be his mother, he can escape the anguish of his supposed insular Tahiti. Now all he has to do is wait. 
But is the cost of his deliverance too great for Astrid? And what is the connection between her and Luke's own past that has him battling memories of a younger brother--memories that lead him to regret his choice, even if it is too late. 
One Insular Tahiti is a dark literary fiction tale of one’s souls search for redemption.
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