Sunday, December 5, 2010

Maranatha by: C. Wood

This was sent to me via the author through Goodreads:

Genre: Thriller/mystery/horror 


What is ‘Maranatha’? 

An ancient Aramaic term meaning ‘The Lord is Coming’... 

The theft of the Holy Spear of Destiny, the artefact said to have pierced the side of Jesus... 

A grisly, ritualistic murder... 

A challenge to the very origins of Christianity... 


Three diverse investigators are called upon to assist the Austrian police inspector in charge of the case, Wilhelm Petersen; Vanessa Descartes, a young female metallurgist with a troubled past – Tomas de Carranza, a flamboyant, Professor of Biblical studies and best-selling author of alternative works on the life of Jesus; and Emanuel Khalamanga, a devoutly Christian, bookish expert on medieval esoterica. 

The spear found at the scene is not the true Spear of Destiny. It bears an inscription from a Gnostic text denying the Crucifixion, a blatant contradiction. Revelations, twists and strange threats force the investigation to gather pace, increasing tension between the protagonists as gradually, the threads of a dreadful conspiracy are unraveled, a plot which is shrouded in faith, mysticism, and the bloody stains of over 2,000 years of history.

I got this book sent to me via email from the author for an honest and fair review.
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