Sunday, August 2, 2020

Review: Hickville Redemption by: Mary Karlik

Title: Hickville Redemption
Author: Mary Karlik
Publisher: GPK Publications
Series: Hickville High #3
Format: Kindle e-book (256 p.)
Source: Personal Purchase


A 30 year old mystery…
A 15 year old sleuth.

Freshman Mackenzie Quinn wants nothing to do with the mysterious death of Cassidy Jones. But when her crush, Braden McGuire, declares he’s determined to uncover the truth, she is drawn into the cold case. The problem is her dad is the number one suspect. Things look pretty hopeless until her best friend, Travis Barns, loans her the secret diary of Cassidy Jones. His only stipulation is that she not share it with anybody else. But when her jealous boyfriend finds and exposes the diary, secrets come to life that could ruin MacKenzie’s whole family.
Can she find a way to clear her father’s name and atone for her own mistakes before it’s too late

My Thoughts: 

This book follows the youngest Quinn girl Mackenzie who is being pushed by the guy she's dating about what happened to the young Cassidy Jones who died more than 30 years ago.  Only a few people know what really happened and they aren't talking including MacKenzie's father.  Did he have something to do with it?

Travis Barns wants nothing more than to be the man in Mackenzie's life but he decides not to tell her how he feels instead he gives her Cassidy's diary in the hopes that Mackenzie will learn about the girl behind the mystery.  Will it explain what happened to Cassidy?

Of course Mackenzie's boyfriend Braden McGuire is determined to make his mark on the media world by breaking the case wide open regardless of who it hurts.  Having no sense of privacy or slander he goes full steam to push the issue of who killed Cassidy.  Mackenzie doesn't want this she just wants to learn more about her.

This book was fabulous a mystery inside a teen romance it pulled you in wanting to know what happened to Cassidy and how Mackenzie will fair in the new town, especially with romance on the horizon!

I love taking a step back and going to Hickville High to see what everyone is up to!  We get to check in with other characters as well as walk in Mackenzie's world to see what she is up to.  It was totally worth it.  The story telling is superb.

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