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Review: Hickville Crossroads by: Mary Karlik

Title: Hickville Crossroads
Author: Mary Karlik
Publisher; GPK Publications
Series: Hickville High #4
Format: e-book ARC (191 p.)
Source: Xpresso Tours


Frasier Anderson is one of the hottest teenage actors in the UK, but he’s virtually unknown in the US. Now he’s landed the leading role in a big-budget Hollywood film that could make him an international star. 

So how do you prepare a Scot for a role as a Texas high school student? Give him a fake name, a fake accent, and embed him in a Texas high school. He only has to follow three rules:

No drama. No girls. And no telling who he really is.

Jenna Wiley is smart, funny, and has a few no-drama, no-dating rules of her own. Her friendship with new kid Ethan Smith is perfect and might even lead to something more. Except for a few things that don’t add up. Like his mom being afraid to have company. Or their house, which is more staged than lived in. Or his sister, whom nobody talks about.

It all comes to a boil when Frasier’s biggest secrets hit the tabloids and the paparazzi swarm Hillside with Jenna in their sights.

Can Frasier convince Jenna that shy, goofy Ethan Smith is closer to real than the image the tabloids have created?

And can she ever forgive him for breaking the most important rule of all? Because for Jenna, when it comes to love and science, the truth is all that matters.

My Thoughts: 

This book brings us back Hickville High where Frasier a hot young actor in England has come to Hillside Texas with an ulterior motive researching a part for an upcoming movie.  What he didn't count on was Jenna Wiley.   

This book is a fun read where we go back to Hillside and are treated to another young adult story with issues just about anyone could deal with.  It was also nice to see references to past characters in the book as well as watch Ethan/Frasier manuever around Hickville while keeping a secret about why he's really there.

Going back to Hillside is like visiting old friends and seeing what they are up to now and how they are dealing with things and how they will over come what is being thrown at them!  I thoroughly enjoy each time I get to go back and read about them time and again!

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