Review: Hickville Confidential by: Mary Karlik

by - Monday, August 10, 2020

Title: Hickville Confidential
Author: Mary Karlik
Publication: GBK Publications
Series: Hickville High # 2.5
Format: Kindle e-book (203 p.)


Three weeks after her longtime boyfriend dumps her, high school senior and queen bee Penny Wilson declares she is over him and finished with dating. But life without her ex is more difficult than simply repeating a few affirmations.

A queen bee needs a king, or she wobbles dangerously close to the edge of the popularity ladder.

To make matters worse, her dad announces he’s hired Wrangler-wearing calf roper Ty Jackson to work on their English horse farm. Never mind his curly blond hair and six-pack abs—he’s a rodeo team bottom-runger and no way is Penny going to admit she knows him, let alone allow him into her social circle.

Ty convinces her he can teach her to connect more deeply with her horse and settle her nerves in the show arena. But as they work together, Penny discovers that while she might be riding better, being around Ty does nothing to settle her nerves. Will a hush-hush relationship with Ty make matters worse with her dad? And what if her friends at school discover Ty is more than just a farm hand?

Because between her show ambitions and her social status, she’s walking a fine line—and the price is everything that matters to her most.

My Thoughts: 

Penny Wilson is having a bad time of it lately.  Her boyfriend has dumped her and she has decided to swear of men.  To make matters worse her father has hired Ty Jackson to work with Penny on her riding of her horse.  Penny is a competition rider but hasn't been able to snag a blue ribbon yet.  She seems stuck in a rut with her horse riding as well as her love life.

Ty Jackson comes along and helps her in ways she couldn't count on.  They rehash their relationship and deal with things never said years ago.  Ty tells her he's always been there but she has changed and to him it's all or nothing.  

Penny has alot to overcome in her situation.  She needs to decide if she wants to be one of the cool kids or be friends with all sorts of people.  This book also dealt with aftermath of Pennys mom's death and what her death did to them!  Definitely a beautifully told story which I felt pulled you in until you turned the last page!

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