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Review: The Lost Mata Hari Ring by: Elyse Douglas & Giveaway

Title: The Lost Mata Hari Ring
Author: Elyse Douglas
Publisher: Broadback
Pages: 370
Format: e-book
Source: Virtual Author Book Tours


Up-and-coming actress, Trace Rutland, has had nightmares about a tragic past ever since she was a little girl.  She struggles with her everyday life, finally seeking help from a hypnotherapist.

While under hypnosis, she inadvertently experiences a past life in Paris, in 1916, during the First World War.

Later, while visiting a wealthy man’s private Mata Hari collection, Trace is drawn to a glittering ring, once worn by the convicted spy.

Trace is enthralled.  When she’s alone, she slips the ring on and is swiftly hurled into the past.  There, she must face herself as she was in the past, while struggling to change the course of her destiny.

When she meets the handsome Edward Kenyon Bishop, a World War I British flying ace, she falls in love.  She is soon swept away into a journey of suspicion and treachery, and must fight for her life.

Can she survive the past?  Can she return to the present?  Can true love endure for all time?


I have one copy of this book to giveaway this contest is for USA residents only!  All you have to do in the comments is include you email address I will pick a winner at random!

My Thoughts: 

This book follows Trace Peyton Rutland whose been having nightmares having to do with a firing squad.  When she visits a hypnotist she learns that  in and previous life she was Mata Hari.  She finds herself searching out the spy's artifacts to try to make sense of this past life.  When she finds Mata Hari's ring and puts it on she is transported back to France 1916.  There the first world war is raging on.  

Mata Hari, Edward Bishop a pilot with the British Military and Mata Hari's lover is also there when Trace arrives.  Edward is taken by Trace and helps in her deception with Mata Hari who is skeptical of the wayward American.

Trace is desperate to find the ring and return to her own time, but she can't help falling for the dashing pilot Edward.  Can she go back to her time or should she make the best of France in this time frame?

I really enjoyed this series.  It was a captivating adventure to see how it would play out and would Trace ever go back home?  I really enjoyed traveling along with Mata Hari and Trace and Edward and seeing she will do in this era.  Especially with the war raging on!
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Teddy Rose said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed 'The Lost Mata Hari Ring"! It my favorite book of 2018 so far.

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