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Review: The Ghost and The Haunted Mansion by: Alice Kimberly

Title: The Ghost and The Haunted Mansion
Author: Alice Kimberly
Publisher: Berkley Books
Series Haunted Bookshop #5
Pages: 281
Format: e-book
Source: Personal Purchase


When the local mailman inherits a haunted house and demands an exorcism, Pen must act fast to save her favorite ghost in this Haunted Bookshop mystery from New York Times bestselling author Cleo Coyle, writing as Alice Kimberly.

Bookshop owner Penelope Thornton-McClure didn't believe in ghosts--until she met the spirit of hard-boiled 1940s detective Jack Shepard. And when Pen's friend and mailman, Seymour Tarnish, gets into deep trouble, Pen not only believes in her ghost--she also thinks he can help...

An elderly lady of leisure has been found dead on posh Larchmont Avenue, her will recently, and suspiciously, revised to name Seymour as heir to her mansion. Just as eyes turn to him as the murderer--and Seymour gets busy settling into his ritzy digs--the mansion's ghosts begin plaguing him. So he hires a team of parapsychologists to exorcise all the spirits from the town of Quindicott--and that includes Jack Shepard. Now Pen must act fast--because losing Jack scares Pen more than rattling chains and cold spots...

My Thoughts:

In this book Pen is off to visit Ms. Todd a recluse who never goes anywhere if she can  On the way there she nearly hits the Postman Seymour Tarnish whose running away from the Todd Mansion when Pen arrives the door is open and the old lady is found dead.  Who killed Ms. Todd and why?

Jack is also working another missing persons case in 1948 where he is hired by a kid to find his mother.  The two cases are connected but Pen has to really work at this to figure out what happened to the mother and Ms. Todd. 

The only thing like Pen I worried about was whether the ghost busters would bust Jack and take him away from Pen.  Alas that didn't happen which is good to see that Pen and Jack are still together.  I was drawn into this book I couldn't put it down and I was so glad I picked it up to read.  I love the characters and the news ones you meet in everyone of their books.  Can't wait to see what is next for Pen and Jack!
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