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Review: The Ghost and The Dead Man's Library by: Alice Kimberly

Title: The Ghost and The Dead Man's Library
Author: Alice Kimberly
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Series: Haunted Bookshop Mystery #3
Pages: 254
Format: e-book
Source: Personal Purchase


Bookshop owner Penelope Thornton-McClure has just received a rare collection of Poe's complete works. Rumor has it a secret code, trapped within the pages, leads to buried treasure. But it seems everyone who buys...dies. Now Pen will need resident ghost P.I. Jack Shepard to help crack the case.

My Thoughts: 

This book follows Penelope and her aunt Sadie who are called out to an old friend of Sadie's whose interested in selling a collection of books written by Edgar Allan Poe.  What could possibly go wrong?

In this book everything.  We are first brought to Jack Sheppard's world and a case he was working on. Which led him to a missing person's case.  When Peter who gave the collection to Pen and her aunt winds up dead it's up to Pen to figure out what is going on and how it's connected to Poe.  As more bodies turn up

This book leads to a whole world of people who are desperate for Edgar Allan Poe's works and then those who are interested in the Poe Code.  This code leads to some sort of treasure now keep in mind not all treasures of the monetary value.  This one led them everywhere. 

I love Jack and Pen they have such a unique relationship being that Jack is dead and Pen is quite alive and well.  I love the lingo Jack uses which are pretty accurate to his time frame.  Where trouble is Jack tends to help Pen out when he can.  She is like a mini-Jack which is cute.  This book we learn more about the private dick then we knew before.  Can't wait to see where it leads to next!
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