Review: Inferno by: Sherrilyn Kenyon

by - Saturday, May 26, 2018

Title: Inferno
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Series: Chronicles of Nick #4
Pages: 451
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library


The heat is on, and a new threat to humanity has risen…

Nick has his driver’s license and he’s not afraid to use it. But turning sixteen isn’t what he thought it would be. While other boys his age are worried about prom dates and applying for college, Nick is neck deep in enemies out to stop him from living another day. No longer sure if he can trust anyone, his only ally seems to be the one person he’s been told will ultimately kill him.

But life spent serving the undead is anything except ordinary. And those out to get him have summoned an ancient force so powerful even the gods fear it. As Nick learns to command and control the elements, the one he must master in order to combat his latest foe is the one most likely to destroy him. As the old proverb goes, fire knows nothing of mercy, and if Nick is to survive this latest round, he will have to sacrifice a part of himself. However, the best sacrifice is seldom the sanest move. Sometimes it’s the one that leaves your enemies confused, and you even more so.

And sometimes, you have to trust your enemy to save your friends. But what do you do when that enemy is you?

My Thoughts:

In this book the heat is turned up as Nick has now learned his girlfriend Kody is out to kill him, Casey a friend from school is throwing herself at him and Nick has to still survive high school and get his drivers license.  Just another normal day for Nick.  Everyone in their cousin seems out to kill Nick and now Nick has to find a way to protect himself from his father who wants to kill Nick and get his powers, but something is killing his father instead.

I love this series so many great characters and story lines and the humor is incredibly funny.  Nick is definitely not your normal character he's great, dysfunctional and funny as hell.  He has been through a rocky road so far and it only gets rockier as it continues!  Can't wait to see what is next!

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