Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Review: Murder on the Menu by: Zanna MacKenzie

Title: Murder on The Menu
Author: Zanna MacKenzie
Series: A Celebrity Mystery Book #1
Pages: 266
Format: e-book
Source: GEBT


Lizzie Carter desperately needed to escape from the disaster of her old life but her new one is shaping up to be even worse! 

After Lizzie's new boss, celebrity chef Armand, is stabbed in his own kitchen, Lizzie finds herself at the top of the suspect list. 

Determined to clear her name she’s forced to enlist the services of her new neighbour, Celebrity Crimes Investigation Agency (CCIA) special agent Jack Mathis, who’s been suspended from his duties for reasons unknown. 

Given his reputation, Lizzie figures it’s best not to ask too many questions of him; she only needs the rogue agent to help her catch Armand’s real killer. The fact that Jack is a good-looking guy is not lost on her, but he’s clearly also trouble. And Lizzie’s got more than enough of that in her life already. 

Can Lizzie save herself from getting arrested and manage to resist her special agent sidekick’s considerable charms and gorgeous smile? Will they solve the culinary murder mystery or will her new life land her in a prison cell? 

My Thoughts:

This book follows Lizzie Carter as she trying to piece back her life since leaving London.  Her new boss Armand after flirting with Lizzie the night before Lizzie finds him dead and she winds up as a suspect she inlists the help of Jack Mathis whose visiting his brother and offers to clear Lizzie's name. Will Jack be able to clear Lizzie's name before she finds herself in a prison cell?

Lizzie and Jack are investigating on their own trying to clear Lizzie's name and figure out who killed her boss and why?  Whether it was someone he was too handsy with or someone set on revenge?  There are no shortage of possibilities.  I enjoyed this book and getting to know Jack, Lizzie and the other people in town.  Definitely a great book for those who love british cozy mysteries!
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