Saturday, September 5, 2015

Review: Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble by: Jack Chaucer

Title: Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble
Author: Jack Chaucer
Publisher:  John Cullen
Series: Nikki #2
Format: ARC e-book
Source: NetGalley


Nicole Janicek has survived being shot, but can she overcome the blues of her early 20s?
Nearly four years after foiling a shooting plot at her high school and saving countless lives, Nikki begins a short-lived internship as a newspaper reporter; gets hired as a flak by an organization whose leadership consists of people labeled troublemakers by the Church of Scientology; confronts the source of her nightmares, Thomas Lee Harvey; puts her long-term relationship with Derek Schobell to the test; learns a disturbing secret from her friend, Adam Upton, and considers a high-risk offer to leave the planet forever.

Can this former teenage hero and trailblazer rescue herself from the consequences of her own decisions? Or does every path in front of her lead to trouble?

My Thoughts:

This book picks up four years after the failed school shooting at Nikki's high school now Nikki is a intern at a local newspaper hoping to become a journalist when she is sent to write a story about a church being built.  Early on Nikki learns that it's not a church being built but rather a bridge that looks like the Star Ship Enterprise.  After Nikki leaves with more questions than answers she gets a phone call one of the members Virgil who tells her information to help boost Nikki's career then in a turn around offers her a job with a nice incentive.  

Even though NIkki doesn't totally buy what they are selling she signs on.  Early on Nikki confronts Thomas "Lee" Harvey which leads NIkki nowhere other than almost breaking a computer with her fist.  She also breaks up with Derek only this time she is sure it's for good.  She also learns a powerful secret from Adam Upton that she wished she didn't know.

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