Review: Snow Angels by: Lezlie Anderson

by - Sunday, December 21, 2014

Title: Snow Angels
Author: Lezlie Anderson
Publisher: Cedar Fort Publishing & Media
Pages: 16
Format: e-book
Source: Cedar Fort Publishing & Media


A winter storm, a family, and an idea for a service project all add up to a delightful Christmas surprise! When Mom and Dad suggest serving their neighbors for the holiday, their kids can’t stop grumbling. But as they secretly shovel snow, their attitudes change, and soon the parents can’t get the kids to stop serving. Share the joys of serving others in this wonderful Christmas pamphlet. 

My Thoughts:

This was a cute little novella about the ability to provide a service to others without being asked or expecting something in return in this book Mom and Dad get their kids shovel walks for people who are unable to get to theirs due to age, or agility or recently having surgery.  

This theory takes off and the kids can't wait to shovel and do more shoveling as the nights go on they find other 'snow angels' join in the fun of helping their neighbors without expecting anything out of it.  
It was a great story that showed the power of helping others.  I really enjoyed the enthusiasm the kids showed when they began their service project.

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