Review: Six Geese-A-Slaying by: Donna Andrews

by - Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Title: Six Geese-A-Slaying
Author: Donna Andrews
Publisher: Minotaur Books
Series: Meg Langslow #10
Pages: 288
Format: e-book
Source: Purchase


 Meg and Michael’s house is serving as the marshaling point for the annual Caerphilly Christmas parade. The theme is “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” and it features twelve drummers from the school marching band, eleven bagpipers, ten leaping lords costumed in medieval finery from the college drama department, etc. There are also assorted Christmas-themed floats, a live nativity scene on a flatbed truck, the Three Wise Men on Caerphilly zoo camels, and Santa Claus in a bright red horse-drawn sleigh (eight reindeer were beyond the zoo’s scope).

Meg has been volunteered to organize the parade, which is to proceed from her house to the local campus, where Santa will take up residence to hear the Christmas wishes of the town’s children. Of course, getting all the camels, pipers, leapers, and drummers in order is proving every bit as difficult as Meg feared it would be. Then her nephew Eric, wide-eyed and ashen-faced, whispers, “Meg, something’s wrong with Santa.”

The local curmudgeon, whose beard and belly made him a natural for the role, has been murdered. Now Meg and Chief Burke, who is playing one of the wise men, are faced with the two-fold mission of solving the murder and saving Christmas!

My Thoughts:

 Meg Lanslow has her work cut out for her in this book dealing with being in charge of the holiday parade whiich means organizing all the floats and keeping people from annoying each other.  Which includes one cranky Santa that many seem to dislike.  It isn't long into this book when meg's nephew Eric tells her something is wrong with Santa.

Who had enough of grudge to kill the jolly man?  Were they killing Santa or the legend in the suit?  Was it the local Spoor group?  Or one of his renters in his property?  Or was it someone else?

Gosh this book is great it's got humor, mystery, and tons of small town drama especially when you have a claustrophobic medical examiner, who believes most things are connected to the Supernatural. I regret not starting this series sooner as this book pulls you in wanting to find out who committed the crime and why.  I was really dragged in and couldn't put it down until I knew how it was going to turn out!

This series is a joy to read I found myself loving the characters that Donna Andrews creates and can't wait to read about more adventures they have.

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