Friday, November 7, 2014

Book Spotlight: The Rogue Fairy: Curse of the Queen of Spades by: T.H. Waters

Title: The Rogue Fairy: Curse of The Queen of Spades
Author: T. H. Waters
Publisher: Verefor Publishing Company
Pages: 259
Authors Website:

Book Synopsis:

This is the tale of a 23-year-old fairy who’s gone Rogue. After graduating from Prince Town University with honors, she sacks her tame life in Fern Grottoe to live among the glumegs, or humans as they like to call themselves. Ari abhors the color pink, enjoys her liquor, breathes fire on occasion (even when she doesn’t intend to!), and isn’t afraid to take chances. 

Her world is a bag full of unexpected tricks where fairy jewelry, kaleidoscopes, tribal ponies and one ordinary piece of cake aren’t what they first appear to be. Join her on her cobble-stoned journey of magic as she chases her dream of one day owning the neglected Mermaid Lagoon Lodge; enlists the wisdom of the castle-dwelling Dame Willowglow; fends off an evil, riddle-loving pirate bent on destroying her; and enchants the handsome, young glumeg, Sebastian, who just might be the destiny that she never knew existed… until now. 

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