Review: Dae's Christmas Past by: Joyce & Jim Lavene

by - Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Title: Dae's Christmas Past
Author: Joyce & Jim Lavene
Series: Missing Pieces Mystery #6
Pages: 279
Format: e-book
Source: Great Escapes Book Tour


Book #6 in the Missing Pieces Mysteries set in Duck, NC with protagonist Mayor Dae O'Donnell who is able to tell where people have lost items by touching them and able to find lost people by touching their things. 
Dae's good friend, Jake Burleson, is accused of killing the director of the wild horse rescue group in Corolla. She believes there is more to the story and investigates with the help of pet psychic Mary Catherine Roberts.

My Thoughts:

This book follows the newly re-elected Mayor Dae O'Donnell who is being visited by Mary Catherine Roberts who use to have a magical shop in Duck, NC.  Now she is back to warn Dae that evil is in Duck and that Dae will have to do something about it.  Jake a friend of Dae's is also trying to get her to give a reading so to speak on a miniature horse, that Dae doesn't want to touch due to the vibes she gets from it.   What is going on in Duck?  How can Dae fix her community?

This book had so much going on with excavating a huge horse statue on Jake's property and the vibes Dae gets from it.  Also there is Mary Catherine being in town, is she going to start a relationship with Dae's grandfather or are they just friends?  Then of course there is the relationship between Kevin and Dae which seems to be moving forward.  Also the politics with the election over two seats need to be filled with the council will Dae allow Mad Dog back in his old spot or is time for some young blood to spruce up the town?

I loved this book it dragged you in and really had you wondering what was going on in Duck.  I also was interested in who was committing murder twice.  It made me want to read just to solve the mystery!  I love Joyce and Jim Lavene and what they dish up they are fabulous with their story telling ability!

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