Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Review: Fatally Frosted by: Jessica Beck

Title: Fatally Frosted
Author: Jessica Beck
Publisher: Mass Market Paperback
Series: Donut Shop Mystery #2
Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchase


A local busy body has dropped dead after eating one of Suzanne’s famous treats. A forensic team is soon swarming through the Donut Hearts kitchen, dusting for clues, sifting through sugar, and suspecting the worst of Suzanne. But with the help of police inspector Jake Bishop and her ex-husband Max, Suzanne hopes to clear her good name—before another bad donut is fatally frosted...

My Thoughts:

In this book Suzanne is getting ready for a cooking tour in town and is setting up in Marge's kitchen to cook her donuts when Peg shows up intimidating both Suzanne and Marge.  Not long after this tour starts Peg is found dead in the yard dying on a donut from Suzanne's store.  

Of course Suzanne is the suspect and it's up to Suzanne, Grace, George, and Jake to figure out what is going on?  Who had the most to gain by killing the annoying Peg.  With no shortage of possibilities the real murder is a complete surprise by everyone.

I really enjoy this series it's light and fun and there are all sorts of intriguing characters.  Of course it would be better if it was Suzanne in the hot seat but it is always an adventure when the main character is in deep trouble!  Up next is:

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