Review: The Corpse With Platinum Hair by: Cathy Ace

by - Saturday, September 06, 2014

Title: The Corpse with The Platinum Hair
Author: Cathy Ace
Publisher: Touchwood Editions
Series: A Cait Morgan Mystery
Pages: 240
Format: ebook
Source: Great Escapes Book Tours


“Look! Somebody’s skewered Miss Shirley to her seat with a silver saber.”

When Cait Morgan arrives in Las Vegas, her only plans are to celebrate a birthday with Bud, her significant other. But then Miss Shirley—a casino owner better known as the “Queen of the Vegas Strip”—is murdered during Bud’s birthday feast. A security lockdown seals Cait and Bud in a private dining room with a corpse, an unidentified murderer, and a group of nervous, potential victims.

As the bodies pile up and tensions mount, Cait’s list of suspects dwindles. Fearing for her life and for Bud’s, Cait knows she must
solve the mystery. But can she reveal the killer before she, too, is mercilessly murdered?

My Thoughts:

This book was definitely different then typical cozy mysteries in this one Miss Shirley ends up dead and the others recount their memories of her in hopes of figuring out who had something worth killing for.  Lots of secrets about Miss Shirley are revealed.

Soon more bodies end up turning up and it's up to Cait and her boyfriend Bud to figure out who is killing the other guests when they get stuck in a locked room and have to wait hours to be released.

While this book was good to me it felt slow in some areas, but that could be just my opinion and not the intention of the author.  I think people will find this book overall enjoyable.  The book had lots of mystery to it.  One I would recommend for big cozy mystery fans!

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