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Review: Mission to Murder by: Lynn Cahoon

Title: Mission to Murder
Author: Lynn Cahoon
Publisher: Kensington
Series: A Tourist Trap Mystery #2
Pages: 230
Format: ebook
Source: Great Escapes Book Tour


In the California coastal town of South Cove, history is one of its many tourist attractions—until it becomes deadly…

Jill Gardner, proprietor of Coffee, Books, and More, has discovered that the old stone wall on her property might be a centuries-old mission worthy of being declared a landmark. But Craig Thomas, the obnoxious owner of South Cove’s most popular tourist spot, The Castle, makes it his business to contest her claim. When Thomas is found murdered at The Castle shortly after a heated argument with Jill, even her detective boyfriend has to ask her for an alibi. Jill decides she must find the real murderer to clear her name. But when the killer comes for her, she’ll need to jump from historic preservation to self-preservation …

My Thoughts:

This book takes place in a tourist attraction area of South Cove California.  The main character is Jill Gardner who owns Coffee, Books and More and is looking to have a mission relic declared on her property that is if Craig a local building owner doesn't stand in her way?

When Craig winds up dead it's up to Jill and her family and friends to get to the bottom of the mystery and find out who is trying to set Jill up as the murderer?  Not long into this book Craig's not quite ex-wife shows up and reveals she is still married to Craig and claims their dog that had been tied up at the beach.

Was Craig killed by someone in town he angered?  Or was it his wife who finally got sick of him?  There are so many possibilities.  I enjoyed meeting the people of South Cove seeing what they were about and how they interact with each other was a great adventure and a book I couldn't put down I read it all in one day it was that good.

Giveaway Time:

I have one ebook copy of this book to giveaway in the comments leave me your email address.  This contest is open to USA residents only!  Good luck to everyone!

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Lynn Cahoon said...

Thanks for having me over!

Sue said...

I live in a tourist area in Minnesota so I think I'll really relate to the setting in this cozy.
Thanks for the drawing.

Unknown said...

Love the idea of a "not quite ex-wife"!
libbydodd at comcast dot net

Lynn Cahoon said...

Hi Sue - I love visiting new tourist areas.

Lynn Cahoon said...

Libby - Craig was a blast to write, and when she shows up, she has a lot of surprises.

cyn209 said...

would love to read this!!
thank you for the giveaway!!

cyn209 at juno dot com

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