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Review: Avoidable Contact by: Tammy Kaehler & Giveaway

Title: Avoidable Contact
Author: Tammy Kaehler
Publisher:  Poisoned Pen Press
Series: A Kate Reilly Mystery #3
Pages: 250
Format: ebook
Source: Great Escapes Book Tour


Racecar driver Kate Reilly is suited up and ready for the start of the legendary 24 Hours of Daytona. But what lies ahead is not just a racing challenge but a harrowing test of her will and nerve off the course. 

Even before the green flag waves over Daytona International Speedway, Kate receives word her boyfriend Stuart is hospitalized nearby in a coma, fighting for his life after a hit-and-run. Stunned by the news, Kate can do nothing better for Stuart than complete her scheduled laps driving her team’s car. But more shocks follow as Daytona’s clock starts ticking. An on-track accident ends tragically. Some of her complicated family is spotted with other teams—why? And an eyewitness claims Stuart was run down deliberately by someone from the race paddock. 

Alternating stints behind the wheel of the team’s Corvette with stretches of quizzing colleagues and searching for clues, Kate circles the police and taps every possible source—friend, foe, and family—to find out who’s after Stuart and why. As the race clock counts down to zero hour, Kate must come to terms with her own fears rising from her past and decide who she’s willing to trust. Only then can she identify who’s willing to kill to keep a secret buried.

My Thoughts:

In this book we meet Kate Reilly a race car driver whose is performing at the 24 hours of Daytona.  Early in this book Kate gets word that her boyfriend has been in a horrible accident and is in the hospital under going various surgeries to repair the damage.  Kate unable to leave the race, stays even though her mind and spirit are with Stuart her boyfriend.

Not long into the race a team mate winds up dead and with the team mourning a mysterious texter begins texting Kate from Stuart's cell phone, with Kate's help hopefully they can figure out who tried to kill Stuart and why?

Kate uses allies from her team and her manager along with her father and grandfather to figure out who the bad guy is and what they are trying to gain from all of this?

This book had everything you could expect when you combine NASCAR racing and mysteries, it pulled you in and wanted you to find the answers so that you were along with Kate looking for answers as to who did what.  This book was fabulous and such a difference from many cozy mysteries now adays.

And now on to the giveaway I have one copy of the first book in the series to giveaway to one lucky winner.  The book is called Dead Man's Switch and I'll add the synopsis so you can see what is about.


Aspiring racecar driver Kate Reilly goes looking for a full time ride in the American Le Mans Series-and stumbles over a dead driver. When she takes that driver's job just hours later, she also takes pole position on the list of suspects in his murder. Suddenly she's in the hot seat with little time to clear her name and get ready to race a Corvette at Lime Rock Park.

Amidst suspicion, Kate buckles down, quickly getting to know the racecar and team, bumping into plenty of suspects who might have committed murder. Clues fly at her as fast as the turns on the track, including a cryptic list of blackmail victims, unexplainable car performance at racing speed, a jealous husband with an adulterous wife, and drivers and crew who are openly happy her predecessor is dead. Kate finds exhilaration and hazards exist on and off track as she throttles up both the Corvette's V8 and a murder investigation.

The green flag countdown ticks away, and Kate must decide who she can trust to help probe alibis, untangle rumors of team breakups and personal betrayals, and determine whose drive to win also constitutes a willingness to kill. Because what's at stake in Kate's race to the truth is her career … only by uncovering a murderer can Kate restore her reputation and prove she belongs in the racing world.

To enter the contest which is open to USA residents only sorry for those international viewers.  Please include an email address to contact you, and tell me some of your favorite 2014 cozy mysteries either authors or titles will work I will pick a winner at random!  Good Luck to all who enter!
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