Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Review: A Photographic Death by: Judi Culbertson

Title: A Photographic Death
Author: Judi Culbertson
Publisher: Harper
Series: A Delhi Laine Mystery
Format: paperback ARC
Source: Publisher Request


Nineteen years ago, Delhi Laine's two-year-old daughter disappeared. After a frantic but inconclusive search, authorities determined that she must have drowned, her body washed away from the picturesque English park in which she had been playing.

Delhi's heart has never healed, yet her family has since soldiered on. But when a mysterious letter arrives containing the ominous words Your daughter did not drown, their lives are once again thrown into turmoil. With her family torn between fighting for the past and protecting the future, Delhi is caught in the middle. For a mother, the choice to find her daughter seems easy. But for a family left fractured by the mistakes of the past, the consequences, and the reality, may be infinitely more costly.

My Thoughts:

This book starts out with Delhi Laine and her daughter Jane to a hypnotist who helps Jane retrieve memories from her childhood in England when her younger sister Caitlin was "drowned in a river".  What they find is so much more.  It brings bother Delhi and Jane to England to search for the answers they are owed about young Caitlin's life and what happened to her.  

From England they find out more about why Caitlin was kidnapped and then they are back home in the states and find out what happened to Caitlin was happening by those nearest to them.  What was the point of Caitlin's death?  Was it to keep a mother on a short leash?  Or was it to take something that belonged to someone else that they didn't deserve?

Whatever the reason it was a great ride to go on with the ups and downs of the adventure and seeing how Caitlin's twin sister Hannah handled everything.  Also watching to see if this would rip the family apart permanently or repair the damage they had gone through!
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