Title: Under The Mistletoe by: Jill Shalvis

by - Saturday, November 23, 2013

Title: Under The Mistletoe
Author: Jill Shalvis
Publisher: Forever Yours
Pages: 86
Format: ebook
Source: Purchase Barnes & Noble


Mia Hutchinson, Tara and Ford's daughter from THE SWEETEST THING , has asked her college boyfriend , Nick, to travel to Lucky Harbor for her aunt Maddie's Christmas Eve wedding.

Despondent when Nick refuses her invitation, Mia returns home alone and faces her high school sweetheart Carlos Rodriguez for the first time since refusing his marriage proposal. Only to find that he is happily dating someone else.

With love and holiday spirit everywhere, Mia wonders who will kiss her this Christmas under the mistletoe?

My Thoughts:

Mia thought she had a good thing going with Nick when she tries to ask him to go to Lucky Harbor for a wedding, Nick fails her expectations.  Mia heads to Lucky Harbor alone while Nick is trying to process where he went wrong.  Nick had never had a family or known what love was.  Nick also knew somewhere deep down that Mia was what he wanted.  Risking it all Nick heads to Lucky Harbor to find Mia.

Mia is trying to come to grips with the failed relationship that she thinks is over when Nick shows up, Mia isn't sure what Nick wants anymore.  Nick is also not leaving Lucky Harbor without Mia.

This was a great Christmas novella to the Lucky Harbor series.  We meet Lucky Harbor residents and get a treat at a romance in the making.  I love Mrs. Shalvis ability to weave such incredible romantic stories.  I love her characters and the sass they have!!

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