Thursday, November 21, 2013

Review Athena's Holiday by Laina Turner

Title: Athena's Holiday
Author: Laina Turner
Format: ebook
Source: Book Tour


Meet Athena Parks, thirty something law professor who on a whim invites a guy she just met, Tristan West, home with her for the holidays. As crazy as it might seem she was willing to risk him being an ax murder in order to have a buffer between her and her mom. They had that kind of relationship.

Things were going well and she couldn’t deny there was chemistry between them. Maybe this was a sign she had finally found a good guy. Until her uncle Peter recognized Tristan. Who wasn’t Tristan at all. Who was he?

My Thoughts: 

This was a great start to a story, unfortunatly the book ended before it really began.  We meet Athena who is a law professor and about to celebrate the holidays when she dumps her boyfriend after finding him with another girl.

Then she meets Tristan West who seems to good to be true.  He enjoys the ballet just like she does.  After finding out he has nowhere to go for Christmas she invites him home to be with her family over the holiday.

As the night progresses and everything seems to be moving in a good way Athena's Uncle ends up on the computer investigating Tristan to find out who he really is.  So who is Tristan West.

This was a good book although it just ended, I want to learn more about Tristan and what he tells Athena.  It is the making of a great story to say the least.
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Sounds like a great book

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Thank you for hosting! This sounds good.

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