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Review: Cupcakes Aren't Just For Eating by: Laina Turner

Title: Cupcakes Aren't Just For Eating
Author: Laina Turner
Publisher: Self Published
Pages: 153
Series: Trixie Pristine Series #3
Format: ebook
Source: Virtual Book Tour

Cupcakes Aren't Just for Eating (The Trixie Pristine series)

Trixie, Berklie, and Sophie are enjoying the success of their bookstore/coffee shop/wine bar, Read-Wine, and planning for Sophie’s upcoming wedding when they start receiving hang up calls. At first they chalk it up to a wrong number but soon the caller reveals himself. It’s Stephen making good on his threat. He wants his money back. The fact that the police confiscated it doesn’t matter to him. He wants it back and has given them a deadline. A deadline they need to meet before anyone else ends up dead.

Finding out Sophie’s fiancĂ© isn’t who he says he is a shock but his alter ego might come in handy getting Stephen to leave them alone. But with this much money at stake will he? Or are they in danger?

My Thoughts: 

This book is about Trixie, Berklie, and Sophie who are getting ready for Sophie's wedding to Jonathan a classmate of Trixie and Berklie's.  When a customer comes into the shop and has a cupcake and winds up dead from poisioning.  Was it his evil soon to be ex-wife who did him in?  Or his barmaid girlfriend?  Or some other seedy person from his past?

Add to this the mysterious evil with a capital E Stephen who the girls dealt with in the past who's looking for the money the police confiscated.  Steven is on the lamb from the mob in California plus he's hiding from the Police who want to question him with a recent bombing.  Will anyone ever catch Stephen or will the girls payout?

This book was great and full of quirky characters.  For anyone just picking up the series I believe they would make good stand alone books as they aren't so much of a continuation as you read them you will get back stories to previous things the girls have been up too.  So it solves any questions about previous crimes in the series.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and read it in one sitting and loved the relationship these three women have with each other.  Definitely a great mystery writer and someone I will seek out more mysteries by.  Keep up the great work Ms. Turner!

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BrandiKae said...

Great review. Thank you for hosting and so glad you enjoyed the book :)

Zimlicious said...

I haven't read any of these books, but this one definitely looks delicious!

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