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Tempest Revealed by: Tracy Deebs

Title: Tempest Revealed
Author: Tracy Deebs
Publisher: Walker Childrens
Pages: 352
Series: Tempest #3
Format: ebook ARC
Source: NetGalley


Half-mermaid Tempest Maguire is trying to have it all: fulfilling her duties as second-in-line to the merQueen Hailana while periodically returning home to the California coastline to be with her family and longtime boyfriend, Mark. Living under the sea and rebuilding Coral Straits is grueling work, while being back home reminds her of everyone she loves and misses. 

But when her old flame Kona arrives bearing news that Hailana has died and Tempest is now officially merQueen, she returns permanently to Coral Straits--even though it devastates her family and rips her apart from Mark. 

Once there, she discovers that an old enemy has resurfaced, hell-bent on taking over her throne...with or without her. As Tempest prepares for her final showdown against Tiamat and anyone who stands with her, she must decide what--and who--is really important to her. Because there will be few survivors in the ultimate sea battle that is brewing--and Tempest isn't sure she will be one of them.

My Thoughts: 

This was the final book in the Tempest series at Tempest is home with her father, brothers and Mark.  Tempest knows that soon she will become merQueen whether she wants to or not.  Nothing could prepare her for what is going on below the land.

Kona arrives and brings news that the merQueen has died and that Tempest has to return once again, only this time going back home may not happen anytime soon.  Tempest decides to break up with Mark not wanting him to be caught up in this game with Tiamat.  

After Kona leaves her in Coral Straits they both find out their kingdoms have been severely compromised.  Tempest ends up being held prisoner by the evil idiotic Sabyn who is trying to double cross Tiamat and wants to marry Tempest to have control of her and be the rightful merKing what he doesn't know is that Tempest would rather die than marry him.

Kona and Mahina both attempt to rescue Tempest Mahina arriving first gets Tempest out of Coral Straits where the find Kona at the outside of the gates and take them to an island to regroup and figure out what to do next.

This book had so much up and downs and wondering if Tempest was going to wind up dead because the cards were severely stacked against her.  But I will give Tempest one thing she is a darn great fighter sacrificing herself time and again to make sure that Tiamat didn't win.  The promise she mad to Rio comes up a few times with how fierce Tempest was in making sure this ended once and for all.  What an incredible story I felt like I was under the water with all these great people!
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