Review Sea Glass Island by: Sherryl Woods

by - Friday, May 31, 2013

Title: Sea Glass Island
Author: Sherryl Woods
Publisher: Harlequin
Pages: 384
Series: Ocean Breeze #3
Format: ebook ARC
Source: NetGalley
Purchase: Barnes and Noble | Amazon


With her two younger sisters heading for the altar, will Samantha Castle exchange old dreams for new ones? Lately she'd rather be on the North Carolina coast with family than in New York with agents and actors. Though she vows not to let her teenage crush on Ethan Cole influence her decision, it's hard to ignore her feelings for the local war hero.

Ethan lost more than his leg in Afghanistan. He lost his belief in love. Even being surrounded by couples intent on capturing happily-ever-after won't open this jaded doctor's heart. It's going to take a sexy, determined woman—one who won't take no for an answer.

My Thoughts:  

This book follows the last single Castle girl Samantha who has her eye on the local war hero doctor Dr. Ethan Cole.  The problem is that Ethan seems to not want anything to do with Samantha.  That stems from being burned by his ex-fiance Lisa who didn't consider the war hero a real man when he lost half his leg.

Cora Jane and Emily team up with Gabi and Boone to try to get Samantha her man even if they both fight it with everything they have.  Which leads them to some interesting scenarios.  What we find out is that Samantha's career is all but dead no big jobs coming her way and Samantha really has no desire to go back to New York, so she puts her passions into other things like opening a playhouse to work with kids to put on performances.

Along with this is helping Emily and Boone get ready for their big day.  And a innocent prank lead to a whole lot of drama in this book.  It seems Jodi Farmer isn't done messing with her son-in-law and takes a compromising picture of Samantha and Ethan which creates all sorts of issues.

This book was full of everything that is great about Sherryl Woods her ability to weave a story with so many characters and to keep everything seperate so you know where people are at and not at, that is a great storyteller.  I thoroughly enjoyed going back to Sand Castle Bay this one last time, unless of course she writes more but only time will tell.  One of my favorite go to authors!

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