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Private Games by: James Patterson & Mark Sullivan

Title: Private Games
Author: James Patterson
Publisher: Little Brown
Pages: 426
Series: Other Private Offices
Format: Hardcover
Source: Kristin @always with a book Contest Winner


Private, the world's most renowned investigation firm, has been commissioned to provide security for the 2012 Olympic games in London. Its agents are the smartest, fastest, and most technologically advanced in the world, and 400 of them have been transferred to London to protect over 10,000 competitors who represent more than 200 countries.

The opening ceremony is still hours away when Private investigator and single father of twins, Nigel Steele, is called to the scene of a ruthless murder. A high-ranking member of the games' organizing committee and his mistress have been killed. It's clear that it wasn't a crime of passion, but one of precise calculation and execution.

Newspaper reporter Karen Pope receives a letter from a person who calls himself Cronus, claiming responsibility for the murders. He also proclaims that he will restore the Olympics to their ancient glory and will destroy all who have corrupted the games with lies, cheating, and greed. Karen immediately hires Private to examine the letter, and she and Nigel uncover a criminal genius who won't stop until he's ended the games for good. 

My Thoughts: 

Oh my god, for one thing you have to be in the right frame of mind for action, adventure, murder and mayhem to really enjoy this book.  I tried to read it after the Jack Morgan books and it didn't work so I left it tried it today and couldn't put it down.

Peter Knight works for the London office of Private and they are working with the Olympics to make sure it runs smoothly, but when people wind up dying by someone named Cronus, something is obviously very afoot.

Cronus is running around with a group of sisters all bent on destroying men and getting revenge and pledging their allegiance to Cronus after he saved them along time ago.

We also see Jack Morgan again as he has shown up when previous Private London agents wound up dead on an airplane.  This book was incredible with the up and down and figuring out when the bad guys were gonna get theirs.  And who was Cronus totally not who I was expecting as always James Patterson has us all over the place trying to figure it out!  Definitely a great book can't wait to read his next Private book!
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