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Crush. Candy. Corpse. by: Sylvia McNicoll

Title: Crush. Candy. Corpse.
Author: Sylvia McNicoll
Publisher: James Lorimer & Company
Pages: 224
Format: ebook ARC
Source: NetGalley


Paradise Manor is depressing - the smells are bad and the residents are old. Sunny would much rather be doing her volunteer hours at Salon Teo, but her teacher won't let her. Who says volunteering at a hair salon doesn't benefit the community?

But working with the Alzheimer's patients has a surprising effect on Sunny. Along with Cole, the grandson of one of the residents, she begins to see that the residents don't have much more choice about their lives than she does: what they eat, how they are treated by staff, even what they watch on television. So Sunny does what she can to make the residents happy - even if she has to sometimes break the rules to do it.

But when tragedy strikes at Paradise, Sunny's left to make the decision about whether or not to honor a promise that Cole made to his grandmother about her life and her death.

My Thoughts: 

When Sunny has to do school ordered volunteer work that benefit's the community she ends up volunteering at Paradise Manor a retirement community.  Most of the patients there have Alzheimer's, they are clueless to what is going on around them.

Sunny has some issues with the rules there and what is required of her and tries to have fun with the patients.  Even going so far as to streak a patients hair for their birthday at the request of the patient's grandson.

This book is told through a court trial.  The young Sunny is on trial for killing a patient.  As we go through the trial you can see how her impressions that she voices to people outside of Paradise Manor could come back to bite her in a big way.  

We also see Sunny's relationship with her current boyfriend Donovan and a new love interest in Cole one of the resident's grandson.  The two connect in a totally different way then her current boyfriend Donovan.  

This book showed how sometimes it takes patience to deal with Alzheimer's patients and you may find you have more patience then you thought you would.  I really enjoyed reading about Sunny's adventure and the direction she heads to in the end!
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