Monday, April 8, 2013

Killer Cupcakes by: Leighann Dobbs

Title: Killer Cupcakes
Author: Leighann Dobbs
Pages: 82
Series: Lexy Baker Bakery Mystery #1
Format: Kindle e-book
Source: Purchase


Things are going great for Lexy Baker. She's finally opened her dream bakery, gotten rid of her cheating boyfriend and settled into her grandmothers house with her perky dog Sprinkles at her side.

But her blissful life doesn't last long. When her ex boyfriend is found poisoned with cupcakes from her bakery, Lexy finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation headed up by her hunky neighbor detective Jack Perillo.

With the help of a gang of iPad toting, would-be detective grandmothers, Lexy decides to take it upon herself to find the real murderer in order to clear her name and get her bakery back in business.

As things heat up on the murder trail, in the kitchen and between Lexy and the hunky detective, it's a race against time to put the real murderer behind bars and get back to baking.

Will Lexy get her man?

My Thoughts:

Lexy Baker has everything going for her a great house, a new dream bakery, the ability to eat whatever and not gain weight.  When Lexy's ex-boyfriend ends up murdered and Lexy is a suspect it's up to her and her nana's group of elderly crime busters to clear Lexy's name.

This was a cute mystery novella where you meet Lexy and all her friends and find out that even in perfect worlds murder does occur.  Definitely a quick mystery if your looking for a break between more bigger books!
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