Friday, January 18, 2013

Typical Day by: Gary K. Wolf

Title: Typical Day
Author: Gary K. Wolf
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Format: ebook
Source: NetGalley


He played the game. Then the game played him. To the death.

From Gary K. Wolf, creator of Roger Rabbit…

Every morning Joyce Williams plays a game called LifeMaster. In one hour, LifeMaster takes him through his day. Joyce then goes out and lives exactly the day he’s played.

Until the day his game cube gets destroyed.

His life goes into default mode. LifeMaster plays the game. Joyce lives the life.

Joyce expects life will get worse. Instead it gets better. Way better.

He’s making more money than he can spend. He’s hanging out with his favorite sports hero. He has a gorgeous girlfriend. He partners up with Herculisa, a crime-fighting superheroine. He becomes Jayhawk, a superhero himself.

Life is good! Life is perfect.

Then LifeMaster changes from a game of life to a game of life and death!

My Thoughts: 

Joyce Williams starts out everyday tuning into LifeMaster who maps out his day and then when the machine is off Joyce goes through the exact same day.  One day his world is blown appart when his apartment is blown up and his lifemaster cube is destroyed.

Slowly after a meltdown he begins to slowly go through his day making choices and finds the game has continued without him, and things around him change for what seems to be the better.  He gets promoted a few times and winds up in a super secret job beating down bad guys.  

He meets a famous pro basketball player that picks him to be friends with.  He also finds so much great things happening to him, earning more LifeMaster points than he can spend.  The world is perfect for him.

Joyce finds the kid who's been playing his game and in a final movement Joyce ends up ending his own life in LifeMaster which leads to more issues and some black mail from the kid who has been playing LifeMaster.

The end of this was awesome couldn't have predicted a better outcome!

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