Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Goals of 2013

I am hoping to get many things accomplished on this blog in 2013.  For one getting my two kids to review more books they keep reading and not reviewing books, but that is life for kids.

Reviews: I am hoping to get more books read this year and reviewed as well.  My tbr pile is insane between physical books and e-books so I'd really like to get a handle on that.

Reading Challenges: Due to lack of keeping up with various reading challenges, I am only doing one reading challenge the Goodreads Reading Challenge I set my goal as 150 and am hoping to accomplish that challenge.

Book Tours: I am hoping to keep up with some book tours but not so many I can't do other things.

Editorial/Articles: I am also hoping to share more of my thoughts on various things book related more than I did in 2012.

What are your goals/aspirations for 2013 feel free to share them!

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