Sunday, September 26, 2021

Review: Surviving Adam Meade by: Shannon Klare & LiveandLove10

Title: Surviving Adam Meade
Author: Shannon Klare & Liveandlove10
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Series: Surviving Adam Meade #1
Format:  e-book ( 244 p.) Personal Purchase


Seventeen-year-old Claire Collins has a plan: get into college and leave North Carolina behind. What she doesn’t have is an idea for how to get rid of the local football star and womanizer extraordinaire — Adam Meade, who she can’t even avoid (despite many efforts), because Claire’s dad is the high school football coach.

Seventeen-year-old Adam Meade never fails. He always gets what he wants… until he meets Claire, the new girl who leaves him unnerved, pissed off, and confused. But there’s something about her that he just can’t resist…

With the bite of lemon meringue pie and the sugar of sweet tea, Surviving Adam Meade is a sexy and compelling young adult novel about two strong-willed people who think they know what they want but have no idea what they need.

My Thoughts: 

Claire Collins is mad at her parents for moving to a new town so her dad can coach another football team she is still upset over her recent break up with her boyfriend Seth and is adamant she won't be liking this new town.  Her dad has made her a manager of the football team which pleases her worse and she is just trying to get through her senior year when she meets Adam Meade and feels drawn to him.

Adam Meade doesn't want a real relationship he's just trying to finish up school and graduate.  When he meets Claire who seems immune to his charm which rattles him.  He finds himself curious about the girl who won't drool over him.  

This book was fun and not your typical relationship neither one is falling all over the other one they are more starting as friends which leads to something more.  I love watching Claire and Adam find their way and learn about each other.  Especially when she has to deal with her ex Seth who seems to have realized finally what he was missing when he kicked her to the curb.

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