Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Review: Murder Once Removed by: S. C. Perkins

Title: Murder Once Removed
Author: S. C. Perkins
Publisher: Minotaur Books
Series: Ancestry Detective #1
Format: Paperback ( 319 p.) Personal Purchase


S.C. Perkins' Murder Once Removed is the captivating first mystery in the Ancestry Detective series, in which Texas genealogist Lucy Lancaster uses her skills to solve murders in both the past and present.

Except for a good taco, genealogist Lucy Lancaster loves nothing more than tracking down her clients’ long-dead ancestors, and her job has never been so exciting as when she discovers a daguerreotype photograph and a journal proving Austin, Texas, billionaire Gus Halloran’s great-great-grandfather was murdered back in 1849. What’s more, Lucy is able to tell Gus who was responsible for his ancestor’s death.

Partly, at least. Using clues from the journal, Lucy narrows the suspects down to two nineteenth-century Texans, one of whom is the ancestor of present-day U.S. senator Daniel Applewhite. But when Gus publicly outs the senator as the descendant of a murderer—with the accidental help of Lucy herself—and her former co-worker is murdered protecting the daguerreotype, Lucy will find that shaking the branches of some family trees proves them to be more twisted and dangerous than she ever thought possible. 

My Thoughts: 

This book follows Lucy Lancaster who works at finding history for her clients.  While working on her latest job when a friend of hers winds up dead thinks it's connected to her work and is determined to unearth who really killed Seth Halloran back in 1849.  Which leads Lucy all over the place to library and ancestry.com to Texas state records going way back to see what happened.  But someone else is determined Lucy get to the truth and quick?  Will she figure it out or will her time run out?

I enjoyed this story with so much going everything from murder to cute agents hanging around her to keeping secrets senators ask her to keep quiet on.  How will Lucy widdle through it all to solve this one.  Well she does and is totally amazing to watch in action an adventure that is worth the risk to read and see if you can solve it before she does!

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