Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Review: Missing and Endangered by: J. A. Jance

Title: Missing and Endangered
Author: J. A. Jance
Publisher: William Morrow
Series: Joanna Brady #19
Format: Hardcover ( 384 p.) Personal Purchase


Cochise County Sheriff Joanna Brady’s professional and personal lives collide when her college-age daughter is involved in a missing persons case in this evocative and atmospheric mystery in J. A. Jance’s New York Times bestselling suspense series, set in the beautiful desert country of the American Southwest.

When Jennifer Brady returns to Northern Arizona University for her sophomore year, she quickly becomes a big sister to her new roommate, Beth Rankin, a brilliant yet sheltered sixteen-year-old freshman. For a homeschooled Beth, college is her first taste of both freedom and unfettered access to the internet, and Jenny is concerned that she is too naive.

With Beth at war with her parents, Jenny asks to invite Beth home for Christmas, and Sheriff Joanna Brady says yes. After all, what could go wrong? Within hours, however, Joanna’s department is sucked into a complex officer-involved shooting that places two vulnerable young children in jeopardy. When Beth disappears while visiting over Christmas vacation, Joanna finds herself in a case fraught with landmines. With her own daughter’s well-being at stake, the seasoned sheriff knows there’s no room for the slightest mistake as hope ticks away for a fragile young girl who has gone missing and endangered.

My Thoughts: 

Jennifer Brady is taking all her midterm exams at college and getting ready to head home for Christmas and has included her roommate Beth in that equation.  What she doesn't know is Beth spends her nights talking to a guy online who has convinced her that he works for a secret company and can't show her alot of video chats.  What Beth doesn't know the guy if full of crap.  

Joanne Brady has her hands busy getting ready for Christmas and look into two kids impacted by a death of their father (well step-father). and having a mom whose too busy to be a mom.  Joanne is determined to make sure these kids are ok and get help if they need help.  

What transpires between the two situations makes Joanna and Jennifer really step up and do the tough work and help when people need help.

I love this series.  Joanna and Jennifer are very likable characters that pull you in so you can see what people are up to!  You love going back to Arizona to see how Joanna and her family are.  Definitely a great mystery that will keep you captivated until the very end!

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