Review: A Deadly Feast by: Lucy Burdette & Giveaway

by - Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Title: A Deadly Feast
Author: Lucy Burdette
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
Series: Key West Food Critic Mystery #9
Pages: 272
Format: e-book
Source: NetGalley & GEBT


National bestselling author Lucy Burdette’s intrepid food critic Hayley Snow must sniff out a killer in the ninth Key West Food Critic mystery.

Key West food critic Hayley Snow scents-es something fishy when a customer falls stone-crab cold dead on a seafood tasting tour.

Thanksgiving is nearly here, and Key West food critic Hayley Snow has just one more assignment to put to bed for Key Zest magazine before she gets to celebrate with her family and her police officer fiancé, Nathan Bransford. Then, just days later, wedding bells will ring—if death doesn’t toll first.

The sweet potatoes and stuffing will have to wait when Hayley picks up a distraught phone call from her friend, Analise Smith. On the last stop of a seafood tasting tour run by Analise, one of the customers collapsed—dead. With the police on the verge of shutting down the tour—and ruining Analise’s business—Hayley can hardly refuse her friend’s entreaties to investigate.

As if wedding jitters and family strife weren’t enough for Hayley to worry about, there’s crusty pastry chef Martha Hubbard, whose key lime pie may have been the murder weapon—but did she poison her own pie or was she framed? As the hours to Turkey Day tick away, the pressure cooker is on for Hayley to serve up the culprit on a silver platter in A Deadly Feast, national bestselling author Lucy Burdette’s taste-tempting ninth Key West Food Critic mystery.

My Thoughts:

This book follows Hayley Snow as she is getting married to her cop boyfriend Nathan.  While on a tour tasting various seafoods when a woman falls ill and ends up dead.  Who killed her and why? Was it her mysterious husband who keeps acting like he has something to hide?  Or could it have been someone determined to sabbotage a local chef with her key lime recipe?

Hayley is also hard at working on her wedding and Thanksgiving that is building up.  When a local chef asks Hayley to investigate she tries to convince her to go to the police she only will if Hayley can't figure this out on top of everything else she is doing.  How Hayley will do it all is anyone's guess?

Hayley is a great character.  At times it feels like she gets overwhelmed but again she is doing so much stuff at once who drive anyone crazy.  I do enjoy it and look forward to see what is next for Hayley.  I also loved reading about the seafood she makes and how she gets to the bottom of the mystery!

I have one print copy to giveaway to a lucky winner.  To enter please comment and tell us your favorite cozy theme? ( food, librarians, animals, etc)  Also include your email address.  This contest is open to USA residents only.

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