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Review: Silent Night by: Robert B. Parker

Title: Silent Night
Author: Robert B. Parker
Publisher: G. P Putnam's Sons
Series: Spenser #41.5
Pages: 229
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library


It’s December in Boston, and Spenser is busy planning the menu for Christmas dinner when he’s confronted in his office by a young boy named Slide.  Homeless and alone, Slide has found refuge with an organization named Street Business, which gives shelter and seeks job opportunities for the homeless and lost.  Slide’s mentor, Jackie Alvarez, is being threatened, and Street Business is in danger of losing its tenuous foothold in the community, turning Slide and many others like him back on the street.  But it’s not a simple case of intimidation. Spenser, aided by Hawk, finds a trail that leads to a dangerous drug kingpin, whose hold on the at-risk community Street Business serves threatens not just the boys’ safety and security, but their lives as well. 

Unfinished at the time of his death, Silent Night was completed by Parker’s longtime agent, whose decades-long association with Parker’s work gives her unique insight and perspective to his voice and storytelling style.  Her contribution also speaks volumes about their enduring friendship.

My Thoughts: 

Christmas is hitting Boston and Spenser has a new client  a young boy named Slide whose friend Jackie needs help.  Someone is trying to put Street Business out of business.  So Jackie hires Spenser to find out what is going on and why

This leads Hawk and Spenser to vicious drug dealer who wants to make the shelter go away and Jackie to do something else besides the pipe dream of a shelter for kids.  Jackie's brothers girlfriend is also deep in this and she needs Spenser to get her out without getting her killed!

I love Spenser his books are great to read and really have funny parts to it.  You get to see what Spenser is up to and how he spends his holiday season!  His books have everything humor, adventure.  and the charm that is Spenser it was also bittersweet as it was the last book he didn't get to finish but you'd never know it!
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