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Review: The Body in The Casket by: Katherine Hall Paige

Title: The Body in The Casket
Author: Katherine Hall Page
Publisher: William Morrow
Series: Faith Fairchild #24
Pages: 256
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library


The inimitable Faith Fairchild returns in a chilling New England whodunit, inspired by the best Agatha Christie mysteries and with hints of the timeless board game Clue

For most of her adult life, resourceful caterer Faith Fairchild has called the sleepy Massachusetts village of Aleford home. While the native New Yorker has come to know the region well, she isn’t familiar with Havencrest, a privileged enclave, until the owner of Rowan House, a secluded sprawling Arts & Crafts mansion, calls her about catering a weekend house party.

Producer/director of a string of hit musicals, Max Dane—a Broadway legend—is throwing a lavish party to celebrate his seventieth birthday. At the house as they discuss the event, Faith’s client makes a startling confession. “I didn’t hire you for your cooking skills, fine as they may be; but for your sleuthing ability. You see, one of the guests wants to kill me.”

Faith’s only clue is an ominous birthday gift the man received the week before—an empty casket sent anonymously containing a 20-year-old Playbill from Max’s last, and only failed, production—Heaven Or Hell. Consequently, Max has drawn his guest list for the party from the cast and crew. As the guests begin to arrive one by one, and an ice storm brews overhead, Faith must keep one eye on the menu and the other on her host to prevent his birthday bash from becoming his final curtain.

Full of delectable recipes, brooding atmosphere, and Faith’s signature biting wit, The Body in The Casket is a delightful thriller that echoes the beloved mysteries of Agatha Christie and classic films such as Murder by Death and Deathtrap.

My Thoughts:

This book follows Faith Fairchild as she is hired to work for Max Dane a big time Broadway legend.  Max is hosting a special birthday party and is adamant someone is trying to kill him.  When he receives a casket at his secured house he's more determined to find out who wants to kill him.  Samantha Miller is back her mother Pix works for Faith the two wonder why Samantha is back what happened to her job and her boyfriend.  With so much going on you know it will never be dull with Faith.

I like this series alot as Faith is the wife of a minister in small town Massachusetts.  We also see how Faith's kids are doing along with other people in town.  This one also brought alot from the off Broadway play of Heaven and Hell and what the people involved in it are up to now.  Which held all sorts of mystery.  Especially when the cousin of Max's winds up dead with a poisonous snake in a draw as the weapon.

Faith pulls alot from Clue to figure it out and get the murderer before they can strike again.  I really enjoy her stories as they pull you in to other things going on as well!  Can't wait to see what is next for Faith!
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