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Review: Murder She Wrote: Date with Murder by: Jessica Fletcher

Title: Murder She Wrote: Date With Murder
Author: Jessica Fletcher
Publisher: Berkley
Series: Murder She Wrote #47
Pages: 304
Format: e-book ARC
Source: NetGalley


Jessica Fletcher investigates a friend's murder and a dangerous dating service in the latest entry in this USA Today bestselling series...

Jessica Fletcher takes up the cause of her good friend Barbara "Babs" Wirth after Babs' husband Hal suffers a fatal heart attack that Jessica has reason to believe was actually murder. At the heart of her suspicions lies a sinister dating site Hal had used while he and Babs were having marital issues--a site that may be complicit in somehow swindling him out of millions.

Jessica's investigation reveals that Hal was far from the only victim and when his former business partner is also killed, a deadly pattern emerges. Jessica teams up with a brilliant young computer hacker to follow the trail but as she gets closer to the truth, two near misses force her to realize that she may very well be the next victim. 

The stakes have never been this high as Jessica finds herself being stalked by the killer she is trying to catch. She must now set the perfect trap to avoid her very own date with murder.

My Thoughts:

This book brings us back to Cabot Cove as summer is ending and everyone is gathered at Babs and Hal's house to celebrate Labor Day.  As the festivities are winding down Jessica helps Babs locate Hal when they find him lying in the kitchen.  After rushing him to the hospital we find out Hal died and Jessica finds herself wondering how a young man could wind up dead.  Could foul play be at hand or is it just a case of heart attack regardless of the age?  When Jessica is confronted by someone claiming to be Hal's lawyer threatens her, Jessica really wonders what is going on?

This book takes you all over from Boston to New York and back to Cabot Cove.  We get to see Jessica work with Mort the sheriff and Seth the good old country doctor as well as Harry McGraw a local private investigator in New York who helps Jessica investigate the death and where it will lead which is right back to Cabot Cove. 

I am such a huge fan and this book didn't disappoint.  I was like watching the show except it was reading a book which really pulled you in and didn't let go until you knew the ending which I was greatly surprised with!  Can't wait to see what is next with Cabot Cove and Jessica and her friends and loved ones!
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