Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Review: Fire in Carriagetown by: Edith Maxwell

Title: Fire in Carriagetown
Author: Edith Maxwell
Publisher: Kindle
Pages: 8
Format: e-book
Source: Personal Purchase


In this short story, When Quaker mill worker Faith Bailey encounters an arsonist who burns down the town's carriage industry in 1888 Massachusetts, she uses her smarts and her faith to track down the killer. 

My Thoughts: 

This book follows Faith Bailey whose hoping to see her beau Zeb  but misses him.  Later at night with her father and family they witness a fire to one of the factories in town.  Who caused the fire and why?  Faith is determined to figure it out will she figure it out in time or will the flames catch her?

Granted this was a short book but still it was great watching how Faith pieced the puzzle together and was able to get justice for those who died in the fire.  I love this book and the other ones in the series such great fun!
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