Sunday, February 18, 2018

Review: The Book of Beloved by: Carolyn Haines

Title: The Book of Beloved
Author: Carolyn Haines
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Series: Pluto's Snitch #1
Pages: 332
Format: Kindle e-book
Source: Personal Purchase


As a young woman widowed by World War I, Raissa James is no stranger to ghosts. But when an invitation arrives from Caoin House, her uncle’s estate in Mobile, Alabama, she’s finally ready to cast off the shadows of her past. And what better way to do so than with a grand party in her honor? An aspiring authoress, Raissa’s eager to soak up more of life—and immerse herself in the dark history that haunts the estate.

But the revelries come to an abrupt end when one of her uncle’s guests takes a deadly plunge. And when a ghost from the property’s past, a Confederate soldier, reveals himself to Raissa, she’s more determined than ever to get to the heart of the mysterious deaths that plague Caoin House. Enlisting the help of Reginald Proctor, a self-proclaimed medium, she holds a séance to shed light on old secrets. But she discovers that some secrets, even those long dead, still have a startling hold on the living…

My Thoughts: 

This book follows Raissa James who has finished teaching school and been invited to her Uncle Brett's house in Mobile, Alabama.  Having been widowed for two years she decides to take the break and see how things are going in Mobile and a hope of visiting with a psychic to have a seance done.  

There in Mobile Raissa meets alot of people her Uncle works with, and some interesting ghosts add to the mix.  When a new friend winds up dead falling off Caoin House Raissa is determined to find out what happened.  Which isn't so easy for a woman during those times as no one really wants to talk to a female about these things!  Will Raissa figure it out in time?  Or will there be more death and demise?

I enjoyed this book as we learn about Raissa it also shows us how she met Reginald Proctor and how they became the detective group they are now.  It also showed Raissa stubbornness to get to the truth no matter where it led.  I felt like I was in Mobile right along with everyone else.  Definitely a great series to check out, especially if you like historical paranormal mysteries!  This one definitely didn't disappoint!

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