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Review: Booked For Trouble by: Eva Gates

Title: Booked For Trouble
Author: Eva Gates
Publisher: NAL
Series: Lightinghouse Library Mystery #2
Pages: 304
Format: Paperback
Source: Personal Purchase


The author of By Book or By Crook returns to the Outer Banks and the Lighthouse Library, where Lucy Richardson must shed light on a shocking murder…

Lucy has finally found her bliss as a librarian and resident of the Bodie Island Lighthouse. She loves walking on the beach, passing her evenings with the local book club, bonding with the library cat, Charles, and enjoying the attention of not one, but TWO eligible men. But then her socialite mother, Suzanne, unexpectedly drops in, determined to move Lucy back to Boston—and reunite her with her ex-fiancĂ©.

To make matters worse, Suzanne picks a very public fight at the local hotel with her former classmate Karen Kivas. So, when Karen turns up dead outside the library the next morning, Suzanne is immediately at the top of the suspect list. Now Lucy must hunt down a dangerous killer—before the authorities throw the book at her poor mother…

My Thoughts:

In this book Lucy is enjoying her time in Outer Banks when her mother surprises her with a visit but Lucy can't help but wonder what the real agenda is but before Lucy can figure that out her mother has some argument with an old classmate.   Not long since the argument  Karen Kivas the old classmate of Lucy's mother winds up dead and the pressure is on Lucy's mother Sue who finds herself the prime suspect in this situation!  Who killed Karen and why?

This book is such an incredible series with the togetherness of these friends have and watching the relationship between Lucy and her mother and how they try to establish some sort of relationship and get to the bottom of things.

Also watching her relationships between Connor, Butch and Lucy and her bond with her cousin is getting better as she stops in frequently to get lunch or breakfast.  They seem to really be connected!  I love this series and can't wait to see what is next for this group of friends!  Next in the series is:

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