Review: Watching The Detectives by: Julie Mulhern

by - Thursday, June 01, 2017

Title: Watching The Detectives
Author: Julie Mulhern
Publisher: Henery Press
Series: The County Club Murders #5
Pages: 234
Format: e-book ARC
Source: NetGalley & GEBT


Ellison Russell wanted a decorator, not a corpse. Too bad she finds Mrs. White in the study killed with a revolver. Things go from bad to worse when she finds Mr. White in the dining room killed with a candlestick. With so many bodies, is it any wonder Detective Anarchy Jones’ new partner considers Ellison a suspect?

With the country club gossips talking a mile a minute, an unexpected cocktail party, a visit from Aunt Sis, and a romantic decision, Ellison hardly has time to think about murder. Unfortunately, the killer has plenty of time to think about her.

My Thoughts:

In this book we follow Ellison and Grace Russell and their family and friends.  Ellison has decided it's time to redo Henry's study and is thinking about hiring Khaki White who in about a half hour winds up dead in the study while Ellison ran out to pick up her house keeper. Who killed Khaki and why?

As things go by Ellison's mother has an emergency and has Ellison host a dinner party.  Which is so not what Ellison wants to be doing but does it anyway.  This is happening after Ellison has broken up with Hunter deeming she wants to find out what kind of woman she is without a man.  Or maybe Hunter isn't the right kind of man for Ellison.  Next thing we are dragged through a drug overdose, an arrest at a luncheon over protesting the speaker.  Never seems to be a dull day with the Russell's, as the bodies pile up Ellison is determined to find out what is going on!

I love this book being back in the 80's pre-cell phones like we know them now, seeing how people were different back then you wanted to see someone you called on the house phone or paid a visit.  Totally different then now.  Families spent time together and the greatest invention seems to be Mr. Coffee the star of the book that helps Ellison think and work out her theories granted he's the strong silent type but you got to love him.

I am such a huge fan and my husband who was a teen in the 80's can appreciate all the various things that are mentioned when I repeat them to him it's like a trip down memory lane move over Jessica Fletcher Ellison Russell is on the case!

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